About Us

NZE was started in 2013 when Jose Mathias, co-founder of NZE, was leaving higher education to start a company of his own. The problem Jose quickly encountered was that what he learned in the classroom often didn’t directly relate to a real life circumstance.

It was then that Jose started asking successful entrepreneurs and business people how they had done it, and what their biggest tips were. After receiving an overwhelmingly number of replies rich with information, Jose realised that if he was finding this useful, others would as well.

And thus, in September of 2013, Alana Nisbett and Jose Mathias launched NZE.

People said they were crazy, and they probably are. People said the market was saturated, and it is. But NZE has quickly grown to be one of the biggest startup/entrepreneurial publications in New Zealand.

Maybe it’s because NZE tells stories, using first names and every day language, as you would if you were meeting the writers for coffee. Or maybe it’s the profiles, and the genuine addiction to startup culture that NZE’s writers hold. Maybe it’s both.

Whatever the reason, NZE is determined to be the best and the most user-friendly source of information for startups. After all, it’s a startup too.